The American Spirit is one of Triumph and Perseverance

The difficulties COVID-19 (coronavirus) is placing on individuals, families, businesses, farms and communities are becoming more clear each and every day. I wish to express my sincerest concern for your well being during this time of uncertainty.

The American spirit is one of triumph and perseverance. As a people, our character is overwhelmingly one of hard work, kindness, and generosity. We have weathered many storms, both figuratively and literally, by coming together and each doing our part to help serve and protect the country we love.

At this time, I give you my assurance that Alan Davis Insurance Agency is continuing to do its part.

We continue to work directly with you, our customers to address any of your insurance needs that impact your home, your family, your business and your farm. And we are here to provide solutions.

Rest assured we have an invested interest in the communities we serve so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Alan Davis

Alan Davis Insurance Agency

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