Meet Our Team

Rhonda Schultz

“I like being consultative and especially working with our younger customers.”

Rhonda has worked here at the agency for over 14 years – a life-long Ohioan who enjoys working with young people. “Educating our younger customers and helping them with their claims is important to me because I can see it’s a big thing for them. Sometimes its their first car or their first home and It feels good to help them, to take care of them. What we often see are instances when the coverages chosen really don’t have the right limits or the limits are insFufficient. We explain everything and cover everything.” Rhonda isF a licensed property and casualty & life insurance agent.

Diane Davis

“We strive to be the most professional but we pride ourselves on being personal.”

Born & raised in Auglaize County Diane joined Alan in 1995 licensed in property and casualty, life and health and has been active on the farm with Alan and their 3 sons Denver (and his wife Megan), Drew and Devin. “What is important to us is to provide you with knowledgeable professionals so we are constantly and consistently working to educate ourselves on the ever changing products and services in our industry to make sure we’ve got you covered. We really want to be your solutions provider.” Diane enjoys traveling and spending time with Family and Friends.

Garret Miller

“We know how hard you work to protect your assets and I am going to dedicate myself to make sure we do just that, protect your assets.”

Garret first came to us as an intern. “I was excited to be offered a job after my internship. I really wanted to work here with these great people. I see that hard work and dedication is important to everyone here. That’s important to me too.” Garret is from Waynesfield, and has been a resident of Auglaize County his entire life. He graduated from Anderson University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He is an avid Ohio State Football and Cleveland Browns fan and is licensed in Life and Property / Casualty Lines.

Nicole Butcher

“Finishing up and Following up with people is important to me. We don’t just answer phones, we build relationships.”

“My passion for helping people has led to a 15 year career with the agency.” Commitment to building relationships and bonding with clients is the key for Nicole who specializes in Agriculture insurance for farm and crop insurance. “We have a wide variety of companies that we can offer – we are not subject to just one company to meet your needs. We come to you and your business, your farm, your house with one-on-one attention you want and deserve. We go out and go out again as often as it takes to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. When most companies do everything over the phone we come to you and will sit with you 2-3 times before you invest in anything.” Nicole can also help with commercial and personal lines coverages. Mother of 3 and my 6 Basenji’s,If you are ready to be greeted with a warm smile and a trusting handshake, stop by our office and say Hi.

Cindy Sneary

“Easy to work with, that’s what I hear from our customers, I know we have the knowledge to help you but when our customers tell us how nice we are, that’s what makes if fun to come to work everyday.”

Cindy works with trucking insurance customers and started at the agency in 2011 as a telemarketer for Commercial Insurance – so she has really worked her way up in the agency and that means a lot to her. “I learned a lot starting on the phone and one thing is most important and that is being friendly and being easy to work with. We will search a wide variety of resources to meet your needs.” Cindy has lived in Wapakoneta her entire life and enjoys spending time with her family and friends and camping.

Sheena Behr

“As times change in both life and business you can count on us because we adapt to the changes in your life and the changing industry to make sure the quality of the products and services we provide are the best!”

Sheena started her career at the agency in May of 2005. Keeping our Trucking and Transportation insurance customers on the road and safe is her priority. “I am a licensed agent specializing in Commercial Lines Insurance Coverage and I work directly with the Commercial Truck industry. We have a great retention rate with the ability to adapt to the changing trucking and transportation industry.” An active member of the Wapakoneta Rotary Club and also current Treasurer of the Riverside Art Center in Wapakoneta. I enjoy spending time with family outdoors, camping, painting and writing in my spare time.

Gary Runkle

“We think of your future as much as you do, which means we will help you meet your retirement goals.”

The same dedication Gary put into being an athlete and a coach is what drives his professional life. With management experience and over 20 years providing financial services. Gary is licensed in property and casualty – life and annuities. The words he loves to hear the most are from his grandkids – “PaPah – are you going to play ball with us?” Gary enjoys being a fan of the Dayton Flyers – the Dayton Dragons.

Denver Davis

“Total Farm Protection offers our farming customers peace of mind and in today’s competitive climate it makes all the difference.”

He helps on the family farm where they raise corn, soybeans, rye and cattle. “That experience on the farm, born and raised on the farm and actively farming means I understand farmers needs. Regardless of where I’m at I take pride in being accessible 24-7. With Whole Farm Revenue protection our farming customers can protect their assets at home and in the filed.” Denver is licensed in property, casualty, Life and Health and is a crop insurance specialist that knows what it takes to get the most for your coverage dollar. When not at work or in the field, Denver enjoys spending time with his wife, Family, and friends

Jimmy DuBois

“I like to explain the “why” when it comes to different aspects of insurance (ex:higher than state minimum coverage or full coverage vs liability only).”

Jimmy is all about communications. Whether that be by sharing personal experiences or stories of close friends and family of how being properly insured has

benefited them but also what it would’ve meant if they weren’t protected.

In his free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends and watching any kind of sporting event wFFhether that be on the couch or in person.

Jessie Swick

“I always try to see the positive in every situation and have a very optimistic mindset.”

As an Onboarding Specialist Jessie assists new clients in transitioning to our agency. “I look at everyone equally and I think that plays a big role in strong customer service skills. I was always taught to look at the janitor and CEO the same which allows me to build customer relationships by being very personal and understanding.”

Jessie enjoys being an administrator for the agency social pages, “I hope to build client relations over time using our socials.”

Jessie is a lifelong Ohio State football fan and …”even though I am a woman, I understand it lol.”  In her free time she enjoys shopping, spending time with her daughter, family, and watching football.

“I have an interest in expanding my work over the coming years and being a vital part of this agency and establishing my career in my “forever field” and this is it!”